It’s really important that in cases of demonic attachments, presences or possession wrong information is not given to the person suffering. There are too many misconceptions about what will work and it only aggravates their situation and makes it worse. Here is a list of a few common misconceptions:

  • Sage is like blowing smoke into the face of a lion it’s only going to piss a demonic entity off. The victim will end up with a cleansed property but the entity still inside and very angry. Why would you want that to happen to the victim?
  • Archangel Michael doesn’t cleanse properties or protect people. He has no free will, he’s not a fallen angel and only takes commands from God. He cannot help you, cannot be summoned and is called 100,000 minimum a day. It is too much noise for an angel to listen to every plea so they ignore it. Especially when people try to summon him because of their own fears or paranoia. Too many people in the metaphysical community running around pretending that Archangel Michael is their friend, it makes a mockery of him.
  • Salt will provide boundaries and entities cannot cross them but it absorbs negative energy and becomes useless after 24 hours. The entity will wait the 24 hours for it to become useless and then punish you for putting salt down.
  • Shout at an entity to leave or get out will not dominate or exert control over a demon. They have free will, are very territorial and it’s only going to start a tug of war for control. It’s just going to piss them off too.
  • Frankincense and Myrrh attracts demonic entities and fallen angels, its a divine smell so they seek out the source. Every one of the Goetia was attracted to Frankincense, and then they provoke the person to burn and encourage more because they find the smell so addictive to them. It’s like their own person heroin.
  • White light cannot be blasted at a demonic entity. It will not neutralize or destroy them. Demonic entities are able to live in white light or dark light and are unaffected by the overactive imagination of someone who thinks they can destroy a demon with rays of light. A demonic entity will have humour and chuckle with laughter at anyone who tries this.

So for the safety of victims, please think about what you could be doing to them. You don’t want to aggravate their situation because you have wrong information. Please leave the cases of victims to professionals and so I make a rule, only admins and moderators of this group can give advice to potential entity cases. The rest of the group information you can comment on as much as you like, thrash your ideas and beliefs out no problem. But I won’t risk the safety of a victim for no one. Its not about us, our ego, our beliefs it’s about their suffering and how to make it better.I have a friend who specializes in entity banishment and has a 100% success rate in banishment. If the case is confirmed as a definitely a demonic issue they will be referred to my friend for help. Also for the future, demonic entities hate the smell of Sulfur and Dragons blood incense. That’s the advice victims should be receiving so if you’re in other groups, or come across a victim. It’s not about you it’s about them and the correct advice will help them much more than misconceptions

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