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Types of Entities


There are different types of entities that interact with humanity. All entities can live on the spiritual astral planes or in the physical world.  They require a food source of energy. So they find a person, object, property or even an animal to feed or attach themselves to. Entities are very misunderstood, due to religious beliefs. They are feared, some are malevolent, and others are benevolent. Here is a brief overview of the types of entities:


 Daemons usually are benevolent entities who wish no harm on us and wish to support and guide humanity. They have been helping to teach knowledge to humanity since ancient pre-biblical times. They helped with guidance on survival skills such as building shelter, medicine, and hunting. They played a hand in the building of the Pyramids to battle strategy if the Romans in war. They were assumed to be Gods and was often worshipped and sacrificed to,

 Pagans worshipped daemons, and this religion was widely popular across ancient societies. The increase of participation in religions such as Christianity and Muslims caused a decline in public support towards Paganism and demon worship. This was due to the compulsory laws which outlawed witchcraft. The witch hunt craze in Europe and the UK saw thousands of people being put to death by burning at the stake.

In Modern times, the witchcraft laws have been abolished. There is now an increase in participation in Paganism, Wicca and Satanism. The worship and reverence towards Daemons has increased again.  The only issue is that often negative demonic entities impersonate deities and daemon communication. They take it as an invite to attach or reside around the person who is unintentionally communicating with them.

So are Daemons Gods? They have the knowledge, spiritual and energy abilities to assist us. They are able to make some choices and can say no to our requests that we may ask of them.  The natural appearance of a Daemon is normally about 5ft – 9ft high and they have a mixture of animal and human features. It is like God has experimented with them and so each Daemon has its own unique appearance. Some may have the antlers of a deer stag, and some have the appearance of a lion. They can shapeshift their appearance and can take on the appearance of a human being if they wanted to. Daemons can accompany a small minority of people as a spirit guide. They make the choice to support and guide that person throughout their lifetime and always look out for their best interests. They will help to keep that person on the right path, guide them, spiritually protect them and provide them with knowledge.

Demonic Entities and their Behaviour


They were created by the Divine or God before the creation of Angels. There are some very primitive species of demons that exist such as the shedim which are Jewish demons that often gather in herds in remote areas. They have become more malevolent over time and especially through witnessing the actions of humanity throughout human history.

Demons have developed distaste towards the human race. After, a lifetime of observing the suffering and violence, which humans have caused to each other, animals and to the environment. They feel out of place around humanity, and they resent and have contempt for humanity.  Not all are primitive, and they range in intelligence. They have not reincarnated into the physical world as a human being, and so retain the knowledge of centuries of what they have witnessed and continue to remember. They know everything from science to different languages.

They also have status and a ranking position in the spiritual astral planes. Some hold the positions of Kings, Generals or Presidents. They often live on their own astral kingdoms, and they control and managing their own armies of demons. The armies of the demons are often described as being many legions. One legion is often many demons that have blended and merged into one. It is not unusual for a high-level demon to have an army of thousands of legions. They are very territorial and will have wars to defend and self-preserve themselves and their own kingdoms.

Low-level demonic entities are strays, not normally in armies and can be small legions that are randomly loosed in the physical and spiritual world. They usually are about 5ft tall and look like a black mass of non-transparent plasma looking smoke. They have no facial features and can walk, hide, or even change shape.


 One of the defining characteristics of demonic entities is always the low vibration of energy that they radiate. They have dark, and heavy energy and this energy can be intimidating and daunting for someone to experience and be close to. A demonic presence can change the atmosphere to feel really off, stagnant and even like the feeling when a storm is starting to brew and close in on an area. We are susceptible to this low vibrational energy if we are not grounding and shielding ourselves properly on a daily basis. Side effects of being in the presence of a demonic entity is pressure on the third eye and ears, anxiety extra on the chest, headaches and the most common is nausea.

The appearance of demons can widely vary, low-level demonic entities are ones that are not in armies and are small legions that are randomly loose in the physical world. They often appear as being about a 5ft black mass of non-transparent plasma looking smoke. They have no facial features, and they can walk, hide or even change their shape, and they can fly exceptionally fast through walls. I have one that regularly flies through my house and hides from me. This type often follows and watch people because they look like light bulbs with the shining auras and they are fascinated and feed off the vibes of the person. I have one that constantly follows me, he is harmless and jumpy, and I have named him Dobby after the Harry Potter elf. He is often seen flying through my home and then hiding if I see him. I do not recommend or encourage anyone to attempt to try and find and keep one of these types at all. Demonic Entities are not pets.

Then you have the legions they usually are invisible to the human naked eye and are three or more in one, they often are seen in armies. Please don’t fret; it’s unlikely anyone in the group is going to have an army in their home. Lucy Baker and I have experienced many armies, and yes they are invisible to the naked eye. They do show up on photographs, and often spirit guides will warn very quickly if there is an army present. The presence of an army will cause intense pressure on both ears and will make a person feel quite distorted and off. They do not behave as you see in the movies even a large army and you will not see objects flying through the air or a person being pushed or thrown around.

The mid-level demons to the higher-level demons they are the rulers who control the armies or are the ones with very strong abilities often in knowledge, manifestation and they just have more intense pressure on a person when they are close to them. I will be showing some examples of these in the next tutorial They often appear like the higher power was experimenting with the appearance of animal and human possibly when God was working out what species to create or not.  So they have features that are half human and half animal. They may have horns or have numerous human heads but the body of a lion. When they are present around a person, they will also be naked to the human eye unless they have been provoked so much to manifest and show themselves which is extremely rare.

They do not have a specific gender and can shapeshift their appearance from male to female, to suit the person they are interacting with. There are known to prefer to take on a male appearance because they can portray themselves as having more authority and control when they look male. They have very dark eye sockets, and their eyes can also, turn red in colour. This is usually a sign that the entity is angry, that is have been provoked and is acting out in aggression. It is not unusual for a demonic entity to try and take on the appearance of an earthbound spirit. However, they are not very good at it and so will look distorted, and the bones may look exaggerated or even dislocated, and this can be visibly seen in photographs. One of the strengths of demonic entities is that they can shapeshift their appearance into anything they want really.


Communication will demons will never be something that I would encourage or advise. I am entirely against communication with demonic entities. The risks are like a minefield it is just too dangerous. They will rarely tell a person the truth unless there is something they are trying to get out of them, and they are knowledgeable. They can fight and make a person emotionally unstable just by the words and pictures that they can put into the mind of a person. They will pull a person’s inner fears, worries and concerns to the surface and torment them about it. They do it in a skilful way, and it is an experience that is not enjoyable and undoubtedly terrifying.

Most communication is made to a demonic entity through telepathic communication, or through occult and divination practices such as Ouija boards, pendulum divination, and scrying with a black mirror or crystal ball. They can make sounds such as popping noises, banging and scratching sounds and growling noises.  They do not normally smell, but sometimes they can release a scent which is similar to decayed meet or a rotten egg smell. Entities can attach or live around any type of person. However, the type of person who would be most vulnerable to a demonic attachment would be people who suffer from depression, mental health issues, have criminal behaviour, drug users and those with suicidal tendencies.

Knowing the specific name of an entity and thinking about them individually. Is very similar to sending a phone call or a text to them. They can hear those who speak or speak about them, and they can choose whether they want to communicate or tune into that particular person. They have a limited capacity for emotions, and so they often display and experience intense mood swings

– Djinns

Djinn are a different race of entities which are very different to demon entities. They are the oldest type of entity that ever existed, and they originate from the Middle East, but, over time they have spread over the world. The true appearance of a Djinn is normally beautiful and seductive, and they are a master of shapeshifting, they can shapeshift from an animal appearance to a human appearance. They can masquerade as anything such as earthbound spirits, animals, entities, shadow people, and can even take on a fairy or an angelic appearance. Especially, in modern times, this makes it easier for them to be mistaken as being a spiritual guardian or guide.

Djinn are usually invisible to the human eye, some psychics can see them through visions and clairvoyance, but, their presence can be picked up by animals such as dogs and donkeys. Most people who have a Djinn attachment and are not Muslim, struggle to be able to remove the attachment. This is because most people do not know much about them. They do not understand them and don’t know how to remove them. Majority of Djinn are normally summoned through witchcraft rituals by reciting passages of the Quran. They usually cannot be forced to do a task, and they are like humans in that they also have the choice of free will.

Djinn only fear Allah and the Quran, and the Bible have no impact on them whatsoever. So a spiritual clearing by a Christian Priest would make no difference to them. While the priest is reassuring the person in their home that it is blessed and that there is nothing there. A Djinn could have been stood in the corner of the room watching on in amusement.  Djinn do not like demonic entities; they believe they are more superior to them, and they do not get along with them. They rather socialise with their own kind or with humans. They are also different to demon entities biologically, they are gendered, the male are called jinn and the female are called jiniri, they can reproduce and have children, so they normally live in small tribes.

They are responsible for the poltergeist hauntings and activities that you may have seen or heard about in particular cases across the globe such as the Enfield Haunting. They have tremendous magical abilities and supernatural strength that means they are able to levitate people, throw objects across rooms. However, this type of behaviour is very rare and normally happens when they live in an abandoned property that suddenly becomes renovated and lived in. Often Djinn, like to be left alone to their own devices.

One of the most common types of Djinn that are malevolent that you may have heard of is the Dybbuk. They often preyed upon Jewish children and stalked and terrorised them at night in order to feed off of them. They would make themselves look like really scary old men, and those Jewish children would have countless scary experiences as they grow up. The Jewish Rabbi normally would have been the only way to be able to deal with the Djinn, and they would be magically contained in small boxes known as Dybbuk boxes in order for them to stop stalking and terrorising any more victims. There have been a decline in Dybbuk hauntings and cases over the past year. This is because they were previously thought to be a Jewish form of a demon but they are actually a Djinn, and so they are susceptible to the Quran.

– Familiars

Familiars are entities that normally provide an exclusive service to a person by taking a role of subservience. A person may gain a familiar normally by conjuring them through occult or divination practices. It has become an increasingly popular practice in modern times, for people to attempt to contact entities in the aim to gain a familiar. However, the entity invoked or conjured is not obliged to help that person. If the entity is successfully contacted and believes they will enjoy observing and the company of that particular person. They may be happy to provide a service to the person. Normally, people who are accepted as a familiar must have intelligence, strong will and live interesting lives; they must be capable of gaining the respect of that entity. So they may find themselves co-existing with an entity that lives around them without causing any ill effect or harm.

If the person is not compatible to the entity but has still made successful contact. The entity will make a decision, whether to refuse or to provide the service in exchange for an offering or a deal, that the person will be expected to fulfil. The offering or deal will depend on the entity contacted. This can be risky, with the saying “be careful what you ask for”. For example, if someone conjured an entity and asked them for the knowledge on how to turn wine into blood. The entity may agree to give them that knowledge and the person may find themselves involved in an unexpected accident in days to months afterwards. For example, the person may drop a hall full wine glass to the floor and accidentally slip on the wine. When they slip, they land on shards of glass and need emergency medical attention at a hospital for the cuts. Sometimes an entity will possess an animal that is a pet or lives close by in order to get closer to the person they have a deal with. The most common animals that are possessed by entities are dogs, cats, ravens and crows. It has even been known for a rabbit to have become possessed in order for an entity to watch and observe over a person.

– Succubus and Incubus

They are low-level form of demonic entities that enjoy feeding off sexual energy and fear from the sexual activities of humans such as sexual intercourse and masturbation. They are often known as dream walkers, and they prefer to prey on their intended target through manipulation of their dreams. They can induce erotic dreams and then feed off the sexual energy produced while the person sleeping is experiencing that dream. Contact with a succubus or incubus usually is as a result of bringing one back from an astral projection or travel, or because a person has intentionally summoned one.

They usually take an appearance of a man or a woman that looks quite dwarfed in size, and you may wonder in the middle of the dream why you are letting those sexual activities and pleasures happen with someone you do not know. This is all part of the way they carry out the erotic dream for food. A long-term attachment of a succubus or incubi can cause health problems who can suffer side effects from being regularly drained of energy.

– Vampiric Entities

Vampire entities usually are legions which often roam around the physical world and spiritual world alone. A legion is where there is more than one demonic entity mixed into another. Usually a legion will have three demons in one. The singular legions are like scavengers; they have a primal instinct to feed off the energy of negative emotions from fear, depression, anxiety and aggression.

They are fear eaters who crave the energy radiated from humans for nourishment. Many fear eaters also lust the energy of human or animal blood or the energy from decaying corpses. They usually have a scary and intimidating appearance, with many taking the form of shadow people, with a human appearance, and only eyes as a feature on their face. Their eyes are generally dark but change to red, when they are feeding on a person, or they have felt threatened. Red eyes is a sign of anger and that they feel they have been provoked.

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